Chametz OUT New Passover Tradition IN
One of the most anticipated Jewish holidays is almost here. On this holiday the entire family gathers up to make sure the home is all set for the greatest night of all.

After the house is Chametz free and ready to star in a home & design magazine, we celebrate the freedom we regained after escaping Egypt arriving to the Promised Land. Even today this freedom cannot be taken for granted and we must appreciate it and how lucky we are to be able to celebrate it with our loved ones, around our beautiful table, full with all the best this world and land can offer us. On this night we express our appreciation and gratitude for being free to sing and rejoice. We remember the hardship of our ancestors as they wandered in the desert for forty years, we remember the difficult moments we have had during the past year and how we have overcame it and feel truly blessed.

This year, you can add a little modern twist to this traditional holiday and here are a few tips to have an inspiring and unique Seder:

1. Turn the classic haggadah into your own personalized family haggadah. Reminisce on difficult moments your family has experienced this year and how you have managed to come out stronger. You can even turn your stories into songs and celebrate your achievements in a fun way!
2. Playing out the haggadah can be a fun way to teach the younger generation of our story and strength of Jewish people. Prep in advance with a puppet show or make it a family theatre night, by assigning each family member a role. There’s no better way to learn than by experience.
3. Living in a modern, fast-growing and consumption oriented world, we often take the fruits of our hard work for granted. Another great tradition you can start on Passover is having each member share the story behind an object that is close to his heart. Perhaps, it is a new Star of David or Shema Israel necklace, or a charm that inspires you and gives you hope. You can tell the story behind your Tallit and why you selected especially her out of the Tallitot and designs.
4. Another great Passover tradition is searching the Afikoman! Searching the hidden Afikoman can be frustrated for children, but it is another great way to teach them that patience pays off! As a prize you can have them select a gift from our amazing children’s Judaica collection. Each piece is both fun and educational for the next generation.
Pesach Sameach!