The Festival is Back in Town
On this day we lift our groggers to make some noise and commemorate the day the Jewish people were rescued from vicious Haman. The young and old put on their dream costumes, chosen after months of planning, designing and crafting. We go out into the streets and show how happy we are by dancing and rejoicing together.

Everyone has their own Purim traditions, but we would like to suggest some new traditions:

1. The giant and dwarf- if it doesn’t ring a bell read carefully because you would absolutely love this one. The giant & dwarf is a fun game for all ages and you can play it with your family, friends and co-workers. Each person must take out a note with a name from a basket while keeping it a secret. Then, every day during a week, the giant must bring his dwarf a small gift or gift. Don’t worry! Everyone gets to have a giant and at the end your dwarf treats you with a beautiful Mishloach Manot to thank you for the special attention!
2. Costume party- we all love the traditional Purim gathering where we eat Hamantash with chocolate filling, but imagine how wonderful it would be as you are wearing a costume and dancing! Dress up as a Disney character or an historic figure like David Ben Gurion and have a costume competition!
3.  You would love this next tip for your children- teach them the story of Queen Esther in a fun way. Play a charade game and have them play out the different characters or key scenes from the story.
4. If you are happened to be visiting Israel at this time of year, be sure to attend the amazing street parties and Adloyada. It is a great opportunity to go out into the streets, especially the main streets in each city and watch the children parade in their beautiful costumes!
5. Are you ready with your costume?!

Enjoy and have a very happy Purim!